Funke Afolabi-Brown, MD

Dr. Funke Afolabi-Brown is a triple-board-certified sleep medicine physician passionate about helping people discover the gift of sleep as a superpower. 

Dr. Brown is a speaker, coach, educator, writer, and the founder of RestfulSleepMD. She helps busy professional women and their children prioritize sleep to achieve their optimal health and thrive and live to their fullest potential. 

As a physician in practice for over a decade, and a mom of two who struggled with sleep issues, she fully understands the impact of sleep deprivation on our mental, physical and emotional health. As a result, she has dedicated her career to helping professional women be their best selves. She does this through speaking, coaching, courses, and programs focused on educating and empowering busy professional women to make sleep a priority as a critical pillar of their health.

She is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and The American Thoracic Society. She is also on the medical advisory board of Baby Center and the expert advisory board of Project Sleep. 

She frequently speaks at conferences, summits, workshops, and association meetings nationally and internationally.