The Vital Four
DYS Skincare

DYS was started out of a passion for skin of color by Dr. Akin-Deko, an aesthetic and family doctor.

She was often asked what the best skincare products were while consulting with her clients. Many of them did not want anti-aging injections but still wanted to look young with glowing skin.

DYS skincare products address the common skincare complaints of women of color- hyperpigmentation (dark patches), lines and wrinkles, and breakouts.

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The Vital Four

This box set contains the four highly active skincare products in the DYS skincare range.
It contains the Reveal Glycolic wash, C20 vitamin c serum, SPF 50 and R+ 1% Retinol serum.
This is a combination of the most active skincare ingredients for daily use to achieve glowing skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.