The Buy Default Highlight Reel highlights the members of our Buy Default Business Tribe: Black businesses that are listed on our directory and cater to the Black community.


Ariel Young is the owner and founder of Copper and Brass Paper Goods, an Afrocentric stationery brand that celebrates Black culture. Ariel is a mom, a proud HBCU Alumna and an entrepreneur. Watch now to hear more about her brand and the wonderful story behind the name, Copper and Brass!

00:00 – Introduction

00:51 – Tell us more about you.

01:31 – How did you get into the stationery business?

02:28 – Why did you start with Black Santa?

03:09 – Do you design all of your products?

03:28 – How do you find your designers?

04:15 – Tell us about your products.

05:11 – How did you get partnerships with big box stores?

05:45 – How did you get your PR interview?
07:11 – Tell us about your Alma Mater.

07:57 – Tell us about the importance of licensing products.

08:57 – Tell us about a challenge in your business.

10:48 – Where does the name “Copper and Brass” come from?

11:40 – What has been your biggest win to date?

14:52 – What is the one thing you wish people knew about owning a small business?

15:29 – What does it mean to you to be a Black business owner?

18:07 – What is next for Copper and Brass Paper Goods?

18:55 – Where can people find you?

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